Horseshoe Table

The Collection

Eloise Kruger collected the bulk of the miniatures in the Kruger Collection. The 20,000 miniatures in the Kruger Collection consist of English and American styles of furniture representing styles dating from the sixteenth century to the twentieth century.

Most of the miniatures were made by miniature makers in the 1960s-80s, but there are some antique pieces in the collection. Many of the miniatures were commissioned by Eloise Kruger.

As her collection grew, so did her eye for quality pieces. Mrs. Kruger became a loyal patron of famous miniature makers such as Eric Pearson, Betty Valentine, Mell Prescott, and Eugene Kupjack.


More Miniatures!

Are you interested in viewing more of the Kruger Collection?

The Kruger Collection is undertaking a long-term project to digitize its collection of thousands of pieces of miniature furniture and decorative arts. We have digitized close to 3,000 objects thus far.

These photographs and accompanying information are available online through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's library website.