Federal Style Dueling Pistols

Dueling Pistols with Mahogany Case

c. 1800-1810

mahogany, velvet, brass, metal

H 1/4 in. | W 1 3/8 in. | D 1 1/8 in.
H .635 cm | W 3.492 cm | D 2.858 cm  

Gift of the Eloise Kruger Charitable Trust

When Eloise Kruger mentioned to Eric Pearson that the gentleman in her 18th century southern parlor needed a set of dueling pistols, Mr. Pearson surprised her with this set.

Each item is removable from the mahogany case, and the set includes a working bullet mould, rods for cleaning the guns and ammunition cases at the corners.

Ms. Kruger and her husband were thrilled when she received the dueling pistols by post. She wrote to Mr. Pearson, "We keep going back to look at it again, which is dangerous. We both caught horrible colds in Chicago and if either of us should sneeze, all would be lost. It is completely fabulous."