Linen Press

cherry wood

H 5 1/8 in. | W 2 5/8 in. | D 1 3/4 in.
H 13.018 cm | W 6.668 cm | D 4.445 cm 

Gift of the Eloise Kruger Charitable Trust

This linen press was one of the many unique items Ms. Kruger commissioned Eric Pearson for. She writes in a letter dated April 2, 1966:

"This is actually a printed picture press, but the linen presses were made exactly the same, except that the board which presses down was thicker. There were many versions, some on chests of drawers and some to set free on top of a storage lidded chest, but neither of these makes sense to me, and I think my ancestresses would prefer this version, where each pile of pressed sheets could be put directly below on the shelf, little pieces in the drawer."