Mahogany Louis XVI Game Table

Mahogany Louis XVI Game Table
c. 1780

1964 - mahogany, inlaid wood, metal, ivory, leather

H 2 3/8 in. | W 2 1/2 in. | D 1 1/2 in.
H 6.033 cm | W 6.35 cm | D 3.15 cm   

Gift of the Eloise Kruger Charitable Trust

The backgammon table is an exceptional reproduction of a particular Louis XVI game table Eloise Kruger requested from Eric Pearson.

The table has a lift-off top that shows a wood surface or can be flipped to show a green baize playing surface. When the lift-off top is removed, an inlaid backgammon board is revealed, along with ivory playing pieces, dice, and leather casting cups.

Two candlesticks fit into pegs on the backgammon board for evening play. The two small dovetailed working drawers can contain the game pieces or candlesticks when the table is covered.