Kruger Masterpieces: Inside and Out

Rococo Revival Center Table
Horseshoe Table
Louis XIV Game Table
Butler's Desk
Mahogany Chippendale Card Table
Sheraton Gentleman's Dressing Table
Louis XV Inlaid Chiffonnier
Victorian Cylindrical Commode
Dueling Pistols
Mahogany Chippendale Kettle Stand
Mahogany Early Georgian Reading Chair
Linen Press
Rosewood and Mahogany Spinet
Walnut Paneled Settee
Shaker Tailoring Counter
Walnut Chippendale Spice Chest
Mahogany Hepplewhite Tambour Writing Table
Mahogany George III Tilt-top Supper Table
Chess Table
Mahogany Sheraton Work Table

This online exhibition allows you access to multiple viewpoints of these exemplary pieces of 1:12 scale furniture and accessories.

This up-close look at a miniature shows off the artistry involved in making each piece. Mrs. Kruger selected her miniature furnishings just as they are presented here: one by one.

Ms. Kruger would spend years collaborating on individual pieces with her artists, and she would span a decade perfecting her room displays, refining the “story” of each room and finding those perfect pieces to tell that story.

Most of the objects in Kruger Masterpieces: Inside & Out were made by Eric Pearson. It was Mr. Pearson that Mrs. Kruger employed for the majority of her special commissions.

For this reason, Mr. Pearson’s work dominates in this exhibition. Not only does his craftsmanship stand up to the discrimination of macro photography, but his objects also tell the story of Eloise Kruger’s collecting style in a way that cannot be matched.