Kruger Gallery of Miniatures

The Eloise Kruger Collection of Miniature Furnishings and Decorative Arts comprises about 20,000 pieces of 1:12 scale furniture and accessories of historically accurate American, English, French, and Asian designs make up this collection, and about 2,500 pieces are on display. The handmade miniatures were collected and commissioned by Eloise Kruger and made by renowned model artists.

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The gallery is located on the 8th floor of Oldfather Hall, next door to room 827. The gallery can be viewed by appointment by contacting Linda Kohlstaedt, collection manager.

Kruger Collection piece

A diorama using Kruger Collection miniatures depicts a 1950s American living room.

Kruger Collection piece

The gallery includes storage cabinets, and as the miniatures are catalogued, they are added to the gallery storage.

Kruger Collection piece

The C. Lauer and Clara Ward kitchen, depicted in miniature.

Miniature folding table

Kruger Masterpieces: Inside and Out

Discover the details of a miniature in this up-close look at signature pieces in the Kruger Collection.

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Online Archive

The collection is digitizing its thousands of pieces of miniature furniture and decorative arts—about 3,000 so far.

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