Mahogany Chippendale Card Table

Mahogany Chippendale Card Table
c. 1750-1790

mahogany, suede, brass

H 2 1/2 in. | W 3 1/2 in. | D 3 1/2 in.
H 6.35 cm | W 8.89 cm | D 8.89 cm   

Gift of the Eloise Kruger Charitable Trust

Concertina-action folding tables have obvious advantages over the gate-leg style of table; there is always a leg at each corner whether the table is folded or extended. The method for constructing concertina-action tables is quite difficult and requires a master cabinetmaker's skill.

When Eloise Kruger wrote Eric Pearson that she would like one of these card tables, she didn't expect he could replicate the concertina-action in 1:12 scale, "I don't see how you can make a concertina this small, but it will not matter if it does not fold up. Have no intention of folding it" (Eloise Kruger to Eric Pearson, January 24, 1964). She was delighted when he replicated the table exactly, down to the concertina-action.